About Us



I am the lady-wifey-mama bird half of Underwood Photography. You probably have seen me strolling around Reno (my beloved hometown) with a child in my arms and a cup of coffee in my hand. Capturing people’s happiness with a click of my camera is what I thrive on. I will admit that I am devoted to what I do – I am not beyond lying on the ground, climbing a tree, or hopping on Aaron’s shoulders to get “the” shot. Aaron and my lighthearted spirits show in our work and rub off on those around us. Being asked to photograph a couple’s wedding day is something that brings me great joy and honor. Our passion is to curate stories with the photographs that we take so that each couple can relive their wedding day for the rest of their lives. We pour our hearts and souls into our art and are beyond grateful for the amazing people we photograph.



I have been photographing weddings for the last ten years and absolutely love it. During my off time you can find me on my motorcycle, in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or adventuring around Lake Tahoe. The way I feel about photographing a couple’s wedding day cannot be put into words. Being present to document the love story of two individuals is a joy and something that I am passionate about doing.  I like good people who like good photography – and that’s what we do. We are visual storytellers. We pride ourselves on capturing raw, real, organic emotion. Most of all, we treasure our clients. Working with my wife is the best!  How many people get to share their passion and art with the one they love?  We are so lucky to have the pleasure of working together and even luckier to get to do it with such incredible people.


Fortunately (for our clients), we know as much about love as we do about taking pictures. Aaron + Melanie make up the dynamic duo, also known as Underwood Photography. We are two ambitious photographers that haphazardly met one spring day and haven’t left the other’s side since. After a couple years of numerous shoots and realizing that our unique styles blended perfectly, we made the decision to combine our creative forces, and (ta-da!) you are witnessing our brainchild in action.

The brilliant part is: we aren’t your normal photography team. Actually, not even close. We are two people. With two completely different personalities. Who see the world in ways that is unlike anyone you will ever come across. Seriously, just wait until you meet us.

Adjectives cannot even begin to define how we feel about photography. We don’t want to come across as cheesy, but it’s true. Our art is our “work”. You are gorgeous. We can see it. The images we take only accentuate the beauty of each person we photograph. Our photography is our passion. We truly enjoy making people laugh, smile, and feel comfortable in front of the camera. We aim to craft images that are as unique as the individuals being photographed. Our visual storytelling is a delicate combination of documentary and fine art styles. Our photographs are timeless, organic, beautiful, and honest.

Together, we have specialized in capturing all of the emotions that come along with a wedding day. Whether it is the smile of a groom after seeing his bride for the first time, the awkward second cousin breaking out Michael Jackson dance moves out of nowhere, a child looking at an adoring (and unsuspecting) mom after she pooped her pants, or a family laughing about and inside “something” we cannot fathom…we have been there to document it.

 This is your life. The only one you have. We want to be there to immortalize it. This is what we do and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

If we are a couple of people that peak your interest – contact us. I mean…you read all of this text. That shows some serious dedication, right? So…let’s hang out.

please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 775-772-2595 or via email at melanie@aaronandmelanie.com (or you can fill out the CONTACT form).