underwood photographycold. a flower crown. trees. mountains.[bohemian inspired adventure shoot]

I will start this post off with…these images were taken in 20 degree weather. Cold. A Flower Crown. Trees. Mountains = Pretty much sums up this shoot. I had spoken to Felicia in the past about collaborating on a session. We finally were able to meet up and take some photos. I slapped together a flower crown, bouquet, and handed her an H&M dress paired with a wool scarf. She had this super pretty bohemian bride vibe going on. We trekked out into the mountains on a chilly December evening. It turns out that we were both having so much fun…that we forgot about the weather (for like…30 minutes…then we made a break for the car and blasted the heater).

It was an amazing experience to work together with a fellow creative (Felicia is a very talented boudoir photographer). Tons of laughter. Great conversation. Gorgeous setting. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime.

Photographer: Melanie Underwood (Underwood Photography)
Model: Felicia Imelli
Dress: H&M
Scarf: H&M

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