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Liz and Gary. Oh Liz and Gary…how I adore these two soon-to parents. It was a freeeeeeeezing cold morning up in the Sierra Nevadas. Gary + Liz + her baby bump took a little road trip up to Donner Lake. If you have never spent time up at Donner…you must. I grew up going to this little mountain lake every summer with my family…and I will say…it’s perfect. I had never had the pleasure of trekking around the lake in the winter until I went with Gary + Liz. Side note: LIZ WAS A TROOPER. The snow was literally 3 feet deep in some parts and didn’t phase her (NOT ONE BIT). The water was still, the air crisp, and the the only sounds that were being made were from the little birds singing in the trees. It was incredible.

Liz + Gary snuggled, joked around, and did a whole lot of belly feeling. It was a good day. With a couple of great people. And a squirmy baby getting ready to make his grand entrance.

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