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So…this blog post is very special to me because this handsome young man happens to be my little brother, Matt. Matt + Lindsay were “set up” by two good friends during a camping trip. Despite both growing up in the same small town, these two had never met (which is borderline CRAZY in Reno – everyone knows one another in some way). The two hit it off immediately and have been inseparable ever since. Matt proposed to Lindsay on a mountainside near Virginia City. He had a custom ring that he had designed  in his back pocket. As the story goes, he asked her to turn with his back toward him so that he could take a photo of her while she was admiring the view. When she turned around, he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand. Her answer to his question was, “FUCK YES!” I am elated for Lindsay to become a part of our nutty little family.

In honor of their first “introduction”…I met them up at this beautiful mountain lake. We put on our hiking shoes, grabbed a couple of beers, and went on an adventure. Having your sister take your engagement photos probably was a bit more awkward than having some random person do it…but it was also much more fun. Lindsay and Matt trekked through the sagebrush, climbed on top of fallen trees, hiked down hillsides, and even got in the water. OH…and a MOTHER FLIPPING BALD EAGLE decided to join us (unfortunately I didn’t have my zoom lens on me, but you can definitely see it in the photos towards the bottom of the post). Yes, folks…their session was observed by our country’s most regal bird.

Matt + Lindsay make my heart smile. Their love is so sweet and you can tell that they absolutely adore one another. I am beyond honored to share some images from our jaunt out into the wild.

side note: Lindsay is an AMAZING silversmith. Her jewelry is gorgeous (Honey & Goldies)…definitely check it out. Ridiculous talent.

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Matt+Lindsay 2 Matt+Lindsay 3 Matt+Lindsay 4 Matt+Lindsay 5 Matt+Lindsay 6 Matt+Lindsay 7 Matt+Lindsay 8 Matt+Lindsay 9 Matt+Lindsay 10 Matt+Lindsay 11 Matt+Lindsay 12 Matt+Lindsay 13 Matt+Lindsay 14 Matt+Lindsay 15 Matt+Lindsay 16 Matt+Lindsay 17 Matt+Lindsay 18 Matt+Lindsay 19 Matt+Lindsay 20 Matt+Lindsay 21 Matt+Lindsay 22 Matt+Lindsay 23 Matt+Lindsay 24 Matt+Lindsay 25 Matt+Lindsay 26 Matt+Lindsay 27 Matt+Lindsay 28 Matt+Lindsay 29 Matt+Lindsay 30 Matt+Lindsay 31 Matt+Lindsay 32 Matt+Lindsay 33 Matt+Lindsay 34 Matt+Lindsay 35 Matt+Lindsay 36 Matt+Lindsay 37 Matt+Lindsay 38 Matt+Lindsay 39 Matt+Lindsay 40 Matt+Lindsay 41 Matt+Lindsay 42 Matt+Lindsay 43 Matt+Lindsay 44
Matt+Lindsay 46 Matt+Lindsay 47 Matt+Lindsay 48 Matt+Lindsay 49 Matt+Lindsay 50 Matt+Lindsay 51 Matt+Lindsay 52 Matt+Lindsay 53 Matt+Lindsay 54 Matt+Lindsay 55 Matt+Lindsay 56 Matt+Lindsay 57 Matt+Lindsay 58 Matt+Lindsay 59 Matt+Lindsay 60 Matt+Lindsay 61 Matt+Lindsay 62 Matt+Lindsay 63 Matt+Lindsay 64 Matt+Lindsay 65 Matt+Lindsay 66
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